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When confidence matters

Chew, talk, laugh, grin and cry. Dare to be yourself and express your feelings. With dental implants you can count on natural looking teeth and the confidence that comes with it. More and more people are discovering that dental implants feel and function like natural teeth. 


Having a dental implant is a life long investment therefore it needs thoroug planning from you dental professional such as oral examination and dental scan and last but not least experienced dental surgeons. 

The Implant Clinic is family run by brothers Sam and Simon Mark and it is a custom-built clinic which is dedicated to dental implants.

We dedicate our selfs to our profession and with passion, service and aftercare bringing confidence back to our patients.

3d scan Available

Dedicated to our work and experince you can trust

     Our 999€ package includes
     - Dental implant
     - Porcelain crown
     - Titanium abutment

By Mark Dental