Sinus Lift

Many times, when we loose teeth in the back areas in the top jaw, the bone shrinks and makes it challenging for dental implant treatment.

A way to overcome this limitation is to perform a sinuslift, which is a common surgical procedure where we lift the sinus membrane to make space for new bone and the implant. With this method, we can place longer and stronger implants.

There are different ways access the sinus cavity, either by a small window or by a small drilling hole.

To simplify it, we usually use the terms small, medium or large lift, when we explain the procedure to our patients. More existing bone you have, the smaller lift you need. Our 3D scan will verify the amount of bone you have present.

After the lift, either the implants can be placed during the same session or it needs a healing period of 4-6 months. Again, more bone you have, the faster is the process and the final teeth can be fitted earlier.