Dr Sam Mark


Esthetics and Implant Surgeon

Born 1979 by Persian parents and raised in Sweden, Gothenburg. After graduation from the well known dental school in Gothenburg, Sam worked some years in Sweden, where he also put up his own private dental practice. After some years, he moved to London, Canary Wharf, where he worked as an associate dentist in a very large and busy dental clinic.

When he came to Spain, he initially worked in Nerja, and eventually put all his effort together with his brother to set up their own practice in Fuengirola.

He has extensive experience in restorative and esthetic dentistry, where he has treated unlimited number of full mouth cases. His postgraduate training includes implant dentistry, bone augmentation procedures and prosthetic rehabilitation.

His approach and philosophy, where he does not cut any corners, to be able to achieve the best for his patients, makes him a true professional.

He practices general dentistry, with specialization in implant surgery and esthetic dentistry.

He speaks English, Swedish and Spanish and Farsi
Nr Colegio (Malaga Dental Council): 29002288